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  • Running Engines and Systems

    19 May at 08:16 from atlas

    When you entrust your vessel with us we want to run the systems on board YOUR way. As your systems on board are unique to your vessel we will film/photograph your start up procedure for future reference during visits.

    We will check the following;

      Coolant levels and top up with your coolant

      Oil levels and top up with your oil

      Check belt and hose condition

      Start engine

      Check water/ exhaust flow

      Check alternator and generator output

      Run to operating temperature

      Check engine for leaks or fault

       Shut down.

    You will then be sent a report and any photographs of problems by email

    We can also run your watermaker for an agreed amount of time, check output and log as per usual practice aboard. As with the engine start-up we will photograph and /or video the start-up and shut down procedures to ensure correct operation of your systems.

    Cost for watermaker and engine run up is $35 per hour for predetermined amount of time.


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