Total Yacht Care has an extensive range of services available. We can also point you in the right direction for anything else, like mechanical services, sail making, upholstery etc. Just get in contact with us.

The idea behind wax is to prolong the shine, not to restore it. Don’t wait until your boat starts looking dull to wax it. If you keep gelcoat protected with a regular coat of carnauba wax, that new boat shine will last nearly forever.

Left it too long?

Then a cut and wax is what you need. This process cuts the gelcoat back to a fresh gloss which eliminates the oxidation after which it is then finely polished and waxed to to bring up a deep long lasting shine.

We use polishers and quality wool and foam pads for the best results every time. You won’t be disappointed
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Stainless steel in a saltwater environment is always hard to keep looking its best. We use dedicated stainless steel polishing products to bring your boats stainless steel work back to it best.

The last thing you want to be doing on the weekend is cleaning your boat, so leave it with us and we’ll take care of it. When the weekend comes you can be on the water having fun instead.
Services available but not limited to

  • Hand wash and towel dry
  • Grip tread cleaning
  • Cut and polish/wax top sides and cabin.
  • Teak cleaning and brightening
  • Stainless steel polishing
  • Rust mark removal

We also offer internal cleaning and detailing. Services available are;

  • Vacuuming
  • Carpet stain cleaning
  • Polishing varnish work
  • Heads and shower cleaning,
  • Laundry of bedding
  • Mildew removal
  • Bilge clean and empty (contained, not overboard)
  • Engine and engine room degrease
  • Dehumidifier rental

We use high end bio-degradable products for quality finish and peace of mind.

Just lock up and leave your vessel on return to the marina and simply give us a call and we’ll look after the rest

After a long week working, you can get straight out on the water by using our unique Stock The Galley service. We provide you with all your needs in advance! From basic supplies to a ready to cook gourmet meal and flowers, our service specialists will take care of you with your own personal concierge. Just 24 hours’ notice of your requirements and all will be on board ready to go when you arrive at the marina.

Basic caretaking checks at intervals of your liking, performing the following checks

  • Check mooring lines and fenders
  • Check canvas work/bimini tops. Secure and or remove for high wind/storms
  • Airing of the vessel and check dehumidifier
  • Check for ingress of fresh and saltwater
  • Manually activate bilge pumps and check bilges
  • Security of hatches and doors and any evidence of pests
  • Run engine and generator
  • Additional checks and reports before and after adverse weather to ensure your vessel is safe and secure to give you peace of mind
  • We email you a report and pictures of your vessel with every inspection or piece of work carried out

A revolution in surface preparation & cleaning technology.
A revolutionary new media blasting technology, dustless blasting is faster, safer, environmentally friendly and more cost effective than sand blasting and soda blasting. Our mobile dustless blasting service is the perfect solution for automotive, marine, and heavy equipment paint stripping, as well as removing paint from brick and masonry, wood restoration, concrete cleaning and more

The main advantage of vapor abrasive blasting over dry blasting is that it reduces dust, allowing for operators to work in a wide range of environments with minimal setup and cleanup costs. It results in a cleaner, more consistent finished, ready to coat, with no embedded particles or clinging dust.

Total Yacht Care Dustless Blasting can remove ANY type of coating from ANY material surface quickly and easily – without creating heat or a dust plume. We utilize recycled bottle glass and water or garnett and water – zero free silica, so it is safe for workers and the environment. Best of all, our mobile dustless blasting service conveniently comes to YOU – no wait time, no transporting. We leave you with a smooth, restored surface that is ready for us to paint.
We use Graco EcoQuip Vapour Blasting equipment

Peller Clean is designed to provide ultimate protection against the harmful effect of weed, barnacles and fouling attaching itself to boat propellers, engines and stern gear.

Peller Clean is for use on bronze, aluminium or plastic surfaces and for all types of sailing and motor boats, is a completely safe eco-friendly product.
Peller Clean is a transparent silicon based product, resulting in an ultra slippery, non-stick surface, which weed and fouling find difficult to adhere to.

Propeller Coat is referred to as a “foul-release” coating, which means that after initial application, fouling may loosely attach, but is easily and quickly removed by the result of water movement across the treated surface, or by the action of the prop as it turns within the water.

Any other treated areas, such as outboard or inboard engines can be washed down with water or by waterblasting, to dislodge any loose fouling attachments.
We also offer an application service for vessels in the Bay of Islands area.

Mike is a qualified captain able to assist with boat movements, deliveries and sea trails. Mike has a vast amount of experience on sailing and power vessels. Contact us for more information.

Total Yacht Care have a centre console RIB available for towing vessels around the Opua area.