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Vessel Caretaking/Guardiange


Basic caretaking checks at intervals of your liking, performing the following checks

  • Check mooring lines and fenders

  • Check canvas work/bimini tops. Secure and or remove for high wind/storms

  • Open hatches and airing of the vessel and check dehumidifier

  • Check for ingress of fresh and saltwater

  • Manually activate bilge pumps and check bilges

  • Security of hatches and doors and any evidence of pests

  • Run engine and/or generator up to temperature

  • Visual rig check for loose lines/sheets/rigging etc

  • Additional checks and reports before and after adverse weather to ensure your vessel is safe and secure to give you peace of mind

  • We email you a report and pictures of your vessel with every inspection or piece of work carried out

Approximately 30 to 45 minutes is spent on board your vessel and the frequency of checks is as required, i.e. weekly, fortnightly, or monthly

Cost $55 plus GST (if applicable) for vessels located in Opua

There is no cleaning or maintenance included in caretaking checks, we recommend getting a mechanic to check our your engines before departure and have them serviced as required, especially if you intend on leaving your vessel unattended for more than six months.

If any cleaning is required while you are absent, like cleaning of mould on ceilings or bird mess on decks, we can take care of it for you with your permission.

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